Application Studies

  • Household Appliances
    Household Appliances
    Stamping has a very wide range of applications in large-scale industrial production. In many industrial sectors, such as automobiles, motors, electrical appliances, instruments, meters, electronics, etc. parts that use cold stamping process account for a large proportion. In addition, many parts man...
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  • High Precision Electronic and Electrical
    High Precision Electronic and Electrical
    The high-speed precision stampings have a wide range of types, large production volumes, high precision, and complex shapes, and usually use thin sheet metal materials. Among them, electronic stampings have the various types and the most complex structures. Electronic stamping parts generally have h...
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  • Aerospace Industry
    Aerospace Industry
    Sheet metal stamping process is one of the pillar processes in aerospace manufacturing industry. Sheet metal stamping parts constitute the aerodynamic shape of aircrafts and rockets, as well as various stamping parts with different sizes, complex shapes, different materials, outputs, and various typ...
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  • Automobile
    In the production of finished cars, stamping, welding, painting and assembly are collectively referred to as the four major processes for the production of cars. According to statistics, in the more than 2,000 automotive parts, the number of stamping parts of sheet metal is more than 40%, and the st...
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