High Precision Electronic and Electrical

The high-speed precision stampings have a wide range of types, large production volumes, high precision, and complex shapes, and usually use thin sheet metal materials. Among them, electronic stampings have the various types and the most complex structures. Electronic stamping parts generally have higher precision requirements, and also require stamping material thickness is accurate, uniform, smooth surface, no spots, no flaws, no scratches, no surface cracks etc. and the material's yield strength is uniform, no obvious direction, high uniform elongation and low work hardening. Among them, heat exchanger fins, semiconductor lead frames, electrical connectors etc. are very common precision electronic stampings. Taking an electrical connector as an example, there are a wide variety of electrical connectors and a wide range of applications. Their stampings are in various shapes and generally have the following features:

(1). High reliability, because it is the electrical signal connection between subsystems, it is required to maintain reliability under harsh conditions, such as impact, vibration, stress relaxation, and environmental corrosion. Plating is usually performed to ensure corrosion resistance

(2). High precision, common civilian connector stamping parts, general blanking precision is within ± 0.03mm, bending accuracy within ± 0.05mm, and high-level blanking accuracy requirements ± 0.01mm, bending within ± 0.02mm

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