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Stamping has a very wide range of applications in large-scale industrial production. In many industrial sectors, such as automobiles, motors, electrical appliances, instruments, meters, electronics, etc. parts that use cold stamping process account for a large proportion. In addition, many parts manufactured by forging, casting, and cutting methods in the past were also increasingly replaced by strong and good-quality stampings, which greatly increased productivity and production quality, and reduced costs. Press processing mainly depends on the die and the press to complete the pressure processing. Therefore, compared with the methods of mechanical processing and plastic processing, stamping processing has many unique characteristics in terms of technology and efficiency which is embodied in the following aspects:

(1). High efficiency: the number of strokes of a typical press is several tens of times per minute, and the stroke of a high-speed press can reach several hundred times or even thousands of times per minute. It is highly efficient, easy to operate, and easy to implement automation and mechanization. It is a highly efficient processing method.

(2). Good interchangeability: the dimensional accuracy of stamping parts is ensured by the precision of the molds. Since the life of the molds is generally long, the stamping parts are of stable quality, good interchangeability, and have the feature of “the same”.

(3). A wide range of processing: by using the stamping process, it is possible to obtain thin-walled, light-weighted, and complex-shaped parts that cannot be machined or difficult to manufacture.

(4). Low cost: unlike cutting which requires the cutting of a large amount of metal, stamping consumes relatively little material, and generally does not require heating equipment. Therefore, it is an inexpensive, energy-saving, low-cost processing method.

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